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Buyers and sellers of Internet bandwidth can participate in bandwidth exchanges operated by InvisibleHand Networks or licensees. Sign-up today or, if you already have an account, select your Merkato location from the Menu above.
Contact us if you are interested in licensing Merkato to create real-time bandwidth markets.

Learn more about Merkato or the following applications of the platform:

Network service providers
Exchange and co-location providers
Hosting providers

Bandwidth market data

bandwidth market data

Bandwidth market report


Company news

Feb 13, 2007 -- Another Invisible Hand Networks Patent Awarded
Sep 19, 2006 -- Invisible Hand Networks Patent Awarded
Apr 4, 2006 -- Invisible Hand Networks Launches IP Bandwidth Exchange Service at Switch and Data New York 111 8th Avenue and 60 Hudson Data Centers
Jan 31, 2006 -- Telehouse, Globix and InvisibleHand host seminar on Podcasting