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IP Network Service Providers

Merkato Application for IP Network Service Providers


Today’s Business Opportunity
After years of costly build-outs, telecommunications service providers are under intense pressure to demonstrate immediate financial returns. But there are opportunities. The biggest upside: Demand for bandwidth continues to accelerate.   In the past year, a fast-growing base of IP bandwidth users has begun clamoring for higher value IP services.  And while the telecom industry continues to experience eroding prices, these companies are ready to pay a premium for value-added offerings with guarantees to help them solve real business problems.

Now service providers can take advantage of this immense new opportunity with real-time tools for buying, selling and allocating capacity on-demand. It’s a timely mix that enables service providers to meet customers’ emerging needs, and expand their own market reach with new offerings at much higher margins than ever before.

InvisibleHand Networks Can Help
With InvisibleHand you can:

  • Provide value-added solutions to your customers
  • Generate additional revenue from existing assets
  • Improve gross margins

InvisibleHand’s Merkato is a fully automated software platform that helps service providers make more money on their existing infrastructure by providing a real-time mechanism to dynamically price, sell and allocate IP capacity.  Using Merkato, service providers have seen an increase in revenues by 45% and improve gross margins on bandwidth 5 fold while providing real solutions to your customers.

Network Service Providers can use Merkato to offer their access and transit customers a new choice for purchasing capacity on their networks, prices that are dynamic and can be purchased in real-time.

How It Works
Merkato shifts the focus away from traditional circuit-based methodologies, and focuses on what goes through the pipe rather than the pipe itself. Merkato operates at the IP level, allowing you to serve more customers with your network, dramatically increasing capacity utilization, and allowing for new service offerings on existing infrastructure.

This new ability to make full use of your network infrastructure introduces new opportunities to increase revenue, improve network efficiency, and cut costs contributing directly to your bottom line.  By offering an alternative to current IP bandwidth pricing paradigms, Merkato enables you to offer highly flexible and tunable pricing to your customers while optimizing capacity utilization on the network.

Merkato dynamically prices, sells and allocates IP capacity.  Merkato helps you efficiently price and manage capacity by enabling a dynamic real-time, demand-based service, so you can manage revenue producing traffic to optimal utilization:

  • utilizing off-peak idle capacity
  • reducing network costs
  • satisfying variable demand

Our Commitment to You
InvisibleHand Networks is committed to helping you provide high-value, cost-effective services, targeted at demand-driven application  such as disaster recovery, content delivery, and video conferencing.  Because every solution generates a greater return on your existing assets, this is a  win-win solution for you and your customers.

InvisibleHand’s solutions suit the unique needs of IP Network Service ProvidersNeutral Exchange & Co-location Providers and Hosting Providers.  We offer both annual licenses and transaction-based models, and 24-hour customer support.

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