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Auto. Intelligent Agent

Merkato Features


Dynamic Marketplaces: Merkato enables two marketplaces – a real-time spot market and a static reservation market. The spot market is used for the purchase of IP capacity that will be consumed immediately, using fair market prices based on supply and demand. The reservation market is for a fixed amount of capacity at a fixed price, which will be reserved for specified period of time.

Automated Intelligent Agents: Merkato eliminates the need for middlemen by using software-based agents to act on behalf of users. Users determine their purchasing or selling parameters based on their own predetermined strategies, and the agents execute their criteria automatically. For more detailed information on this feature, use the sublink to your left, or click here.

Merkato Web Portal: The portal provides customers with unified access to their agents along with account monitoring including recent and historical allocations, price history and traffic graphs.

Web-based User Interfaces: Web-based user interfaces, allow buyers to purchase bandwidth and monitor their activity, and allows sellers to monitor and control their markets, from ordinary browsers.


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